System Update: September 24th

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Why is Summit updating online banking?

We are upgrading our online banking system as part of our ongoing effort to provide account holders with state of the art banking functionality, convenience, and security.

When will the upgrade take effect?

The online banking upgrade is scheduled for September 24, 2019 from 7:00am -1:00pm est.

Will I have to re-register for online banking?

No, if you already registered, you will still have access.

Will this update effect the mobile app?

Yes, the mobile application will be updated as well. Once completed, the app should automatically update. However, if you should experience any issues with accessing the app after the update, we suggest removing the app and powering off your device. Once turned back on, install the latest version of the app.


We are excited for the new update and hope that you enjoy some of the new features and enhancements listed below.

  • Business / Commercial Account Users
    Routing Transit Number (RTN) Lookup

    Corresponding banks and routing numbers now appear in search results. Correspondent banks information now auto-populates into Receiving FI or Intermediary FI fields in the Recipient record. Users can now enter a city, state or ABA to get a list of all matching bank branch offices.

    Routing Number Update

    File Mapper

    File Mapper replaces "Payment from File" workflow accessed via "Upload from File" for ACH one-time payments.

    Transaction types affected: ACH Batch, ACH Collections, and Payroll

    *Please note that "Payment from File" remains accessible in the New Payment drop down to continue support of Recipient Upload & Wire Upload From Batch for enabled users.


    •  Excel and delimited file support
    •  Private or shared save settings
    •  1000 recipient maximum
    •  Use, Edit, Delete functions for existing mapping
    •  High-Level Status checks during mapping process
    •  Column and row-specific error messaging
    • Parses file contents into (editable) transaction workflow/form
      • NACHA navigates to existing NACHA/ Payment From File workflow

    File Mapper


    File Mapper Continued

    Commercial Payments Redesign

    Commercial Payments module has been updated and redesigned.

    New design features:

    • Card view removed from Templates and Recipients
    • ACH, Wire, Manage Recipient workflows have been condensed into single-page forms
    • Tab accessible workflows
    • Separate template Create & Edit from pay action
    • "Pay" reference removed from ACH debit workflows
    • Enhanced mobile and tablet view
    • New Action menu replaces old icons
    • Payment history sidebar has been replaced with a new enhanced "Recipient Payment History" page
    • Payment and Template workflows feature a sticky subtotal footer

    Commercial Payment Redesign

    Commercial Payment Redesign Page 2

    Commercial Payment Redesign Page 3

  • Personal Account Users
    Account Details

    Account Details have been moved to a separate "Details" tab when viewing an individual account. You can also access Account Details from that account tile's quick access menu.


    account details tab

    account details tile

    Manual Accounts

    Under Link Accounts, you can add an account manually to represent an external account or asset to more accurately reflect your financial health. Manual accounts are visible on the Account Overview dashboard as a collapsible section.

    Manual Account Link

    Manual Account Dashboard
    Funds Transfer Enhancements

    Under the Funds Transfer menu, you can now manually choose the frequency of when you would like funds transferred. For recurring transfers, you can now select a day of the week for that transfer to occur.

    Funds Transfer Frequency

    Edit Funds Transfer

    In the Activity Center, you can now edit  Funds Transfers transactions.

    Supported transactions: One-Time Transfers, Single instance of a recurring transfer, Master of a recurring series, loan payments made from Funds Transfer page

    Edit Funds Transfer


    Online Help

    Online Banking Help Section is now completely digital, replacing the previous User Guides. Online Help features are now responsive and searchable so you can find the exact solution you need. Added printer-friendly Help instructions and modules.

    Online Help Search bar

  • MySummit Financial Tools

    Take a personalized hands-on approach to managing your personal finances with this great new service built right into Summit's app and online banking!


    MySummit Financial Tools logo


    Our new features allow you to:

    • Link your external accounts to the Online Banking dashboard
    • Create a budget personalized to your spending
    • Easily track, label, and analyze your expenses
    • Assess net worth, view trends, and cash flow over time

    and so much more!

    With MySummit Financial Tools you can see a complete picture of your finances, all in one place.

    Check out our video tutorial to learn how you can start planning for your financial goals, one step at a time.


    *MySummit Financial Tools is available for personal accounts only.