• Less Contact

      MORE Flexibility

    Our banking technology is built with your financial and personal safety in mind.

    Love the contactless banking options, but still enjoy the traditional banking experience? Try our Summit @ssist Teller  or Interactive Teller Machine.

    Our Summit @ssist Teller  combines the convenience of an ATM with the personal touch of a bank professional. Through our Summit @ssist Teller,  you can interact one-on-one with a live representative through real-time video, performing virtually every transaction. 

    • Withdraw cash
    • Cash checks
    • Make deposits (cash, checks or both)
    • Transfer funds between accounts
    • Order checks or a debit card
    • Make loan payments
    ...and much more.

    ITM Available 
    Monday- Friday:  7:30am - 6:30pm
    Saturday:  8:00am - 2:00pm

    *Not available at all locations. Click here for a complete list of ITM locations. 


    Check out all the ways to bank with less contact:

    • Online Banking           • Online Bill Pay         • Touch Authentication       • Contactless Debit Cards      • Debit Card Monitoring

    • Text Banking          •  Mobile Banking          • Mobile Bill Pay      • Account Alerts      • Mobile App 

    • Mobile Wallet       • MySummit Financial Tools        • Person to Person Payments

    Want to learn more about our contactless banking services? Visit our YouTube channel for videos on how to use all of our online banking features!

  • Less Basic

      MORE Benefits

    Senior Select

    It's often said that things improve with age, and we think your checking account should be no exception. Our Senior Select  Checking account gives you all the benefits of an interest-earning checking account, plus some well-earned perks.

    • Free Checks for Life*
    • (1) Penalty - Free CD Withdrawal per year**
    • (1) Standard size safe deposit box***

    *Free checks are Wallet-Oxford (W-OX) or $5.00 discount on another style of checks.
    **One penalty-free CD withdrawal equal to 25% of CD balance per customer per year. Discount is not per account, percentage cannot be split or altered.
    ***Free safe deposit box or discount equal to small box rent off of a larger box. Not available at all locations. 
    Senior Select is restricted to customers age 55 years or older.
    $50.00 minimum to open account.

  • Less Stress

      MORE Savings*

    Summit Elite Accounts

    Enjoy the best of the best with our Summit Elite Accounts.   Make your money work double time with this unique pair of accounts which matches a basic, free checking account with a high-earning potential savings account*. 

    • Enjoy ATM fee rebates up to $20.00 (Checking only) 
    • NO minimum balance required to avoid service fee.

    *Total of $50.00 required to open both Summit Elite savings and checking accounts ($25.00 Summit Elite Checking and $25.00 Summit Elite Savings). You must maintain both the Summit Elite Checking and the Summit Elite Savings accounts, have a minimum of five (5) POS Debit Card (PIN or signature based) transactions that post and settle per month in the Summit Elite Checking account, and receive E-statements for both the Summit Elite Checking and Summit Elite Savings accounts in order to obtain the ATM rebates on the Summit Elite Checking and the qualifying interest rate on the Summit Elite Savings. Rate may change after the account is opened.  In addition, there is a minimum balance of $25.00 to earn interest on the Summit Elite non-qualifying Savings.
    If these guidelines are not met, you will no longer receive the ATM rebates on the Summit Elite Checking account and the interest rate on your Summit Elite Savings account will drop to the non-qualified interest rate, which may change at our discretion. Nationwide ATM rebates of service fees when using a Summit Debit card at any foreign networks. Maximum credit amount allowed for ATM rebates is $20.00 per statement cycle. This fee will be credited monthly to your account. Summit Elite Savings Account is limited to six (6) withdrawals per month. Any withdrawals over six will incur a $5.00 charge.