Introducing SAM, Summit Automated Messenger!



photo of live chat bot

SAM (Summit Automated Messenger) is a great new live chat virtual assistant powered by AI and you!

Sam will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide quick answers to frequently asked banking questions, location information, general information about Summit's products and services, and other banking topics.

  • How will Sam work?

    Sam is an AI virtual live chat assistant who is always learning how to provide you with the best answer for your banking-related or Summit-related questions. Sam can answer general questions about products and services, location information, and more 24/7!

    Ask Sam questions like:

    • "What's the address for the Hinton branch?"
    • "How late is the Southridge branch open?"
    • "How do I set up alerts?" 
    • "Do you have checking accounts?"

    and he will be more than glad to help. Sam learns more about the information you want each time you ask a new question, so you can always try rephrasing your question to get the answers you need. 

    Plus, you always have the option of reaching a live agent if you need one, just type "Can I speak with a live representative?" and if one is available, Sam will connect you.


  • How will this affect live chat?

    Sam will try his best to help you with some FAQs first, but if you need answers about specific account information or if you need to speak with a live representative, just ask Sam, "Can I speak with a live representative?" and you will be connected to one of our live agents if one is available.


  • Will I be able to talk to Sam in the app?

    Sam is currently not available for the Summit app, he lives online on the web only, although he does know about the services we offer in the app! Regular live chat will still be available inside the Summit app.