MySummit Piggy Bank Enrollment



MySummit Piggy Bank Program Disclosure

The MySummit Piggy Bank program is designed to round up debit card transactions processed on a primary checking account to the nearest dollar, and transfer those funds to a designated checking or savings account of your choice. Each day, a debit will be processed against the primary checking account attached to the debit card that made the transactions for the previous day’s debit card transactions, and the total amount of the rounded transactions will be processed. A credit will be processed to the secondary checking or savings account you designate below. The amount of the debits will not be processed on the account if the amount will cause an overdraft to the primary account. The account to which the funds are transferred must be active, and not in an inactive or dormant status. 


If you currently do not have a secondary account with us and would like to open a new checking or savings account, please contact your local branch or fill out our online Personal Banking Application to apply now.


By checking the box below, you authorize Summit Community Bank to debit your primary account for the rounded transaction amounts, and deposit them into the secondary account listed below. You may cancel the service at any time by notifying your local branch, contacting our contact center at 877-776-9722 or e-mailing us at

Enter the primary checking account number.
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