Personal Checking

At Summit, it’s our goal to give you personalized service and attention that goes beyond what’s expected.  With a variety of checking accounts and plenty of great features and benefits, you’ll find that we’ve created our accounts to be as unique as our customers, designed to meet a diverse range of financial needs. Explore our comparison grid to see which account is right for you.

All Summit Personal Checking Accounts receive these features:

  • Free Debit MasterCard
  • Free Mobile and App Banking
  • Free Debit Card Text Alerts  
  • Free Online Banking and Bill Pay
  • Free 24-hour Automated Telephone Banking
  • Free eStatements
  • Free Official Checks and Money Orders (1 per visit)
  • Free Notary Service
  • Summit Custom Checking

    Bank your way, avoid monthly fees.

    Summit Custom Checking is our basic, no-fuss checking account made simple.

    No bells. No whistles. Just your funds, there when you need them.

    You choose how to avoid monthly fees by either:

    • Making at least (5) debit card point- of -  sale  transactions per billing cycle
    • Opting into eStatements
    • Maintaining a minimum collected daily balance of $500.00  or
    • Have a direct deposit ( Payroll, Retirement, or Social Security) of at least $250.00

    $50.00 minimum to open account. *Subject to $5.00 monthly fee if none of the above requirements are met.



  • Summit Custom Checking With Interest

    Maintain a higher balance? Get rewarded with interest.

    Earn a tiered variable interest rate on a balance of $1,000.00 or more with Summit Custom Checking with Interest.

    Get more out of your everyday banking with less requirements.

    • Maintain a monthly minimum balance of $1,000.00 and e-statements required to avoid fee.

    $50.00 minimum to open account. *Subject to $5.00 monthly fee if balance falls below $1,000.00 and estatement are not maintained. Fees will reduce earnings.


  • Summit Elite Checking

    A simply straightforward checking account and a smart high-yield savings.

    Enjoy the best of the best with our Summit Elite Accounts.  Make your money work double time with this unique pair of accounts which matches a basic, free checking account with a high-earning potential savings account*.     

    It's the best of both worlds. In one package.

    • No minimum balance required to avoid service fee.

    • Enjoy ATM fee rebates up to $20.00 (Checking only) 

    Total of $50.00 required to open both Summit Elite savings and checking accounts ($25.00 Summit Elite Checking and $25.00 Summit Elite Savings). You must maintain both the Summit Elite Checking and the Summit Elite Savings accounts, have a minimum of five (5) POS Debit Card (PIN or signature based) transactions that post and settle per month in the Summit Elite Checking account, and receive E-statements for both the Summit Elite Checking and Summit Elite Savings accounts in order to obtain the ATM rebates on the Summit Elite Checking and the qualifying interest rate on the Summit Elite Savings. Rate may change after the account is opened.  In addition, there is a minimum balance of $25.00 to earn interest on the Summit Elite non-qualifying Savings.

    If these guidelines are not met, you will no longer receive the ATM rebates on the Summit Elite Checking account and the interest rate on your Summit Elite Savings account will drop to the non-qualified interest rate, which may change at our discretion. Nationwide ATM rebates of service fees when using a Summit Debit card at any foreign networks. Maximum credit amount allowed for ATM rebates is $20.00 per statement cycle. This fee will be credited monthly to your account. Summit Elite Savings Account is limited to six (6) withdrawals per month. Any withdrawals over six will incur a $5.00 charge.


  • T-Fund Checking

     Earn more? Get more flexibility and profitability.

    Enjoy an interest rate that is indexed weekly based on 75% of the 13-week T-Bill,  with Summit Personal T-Fund Checking.

    High-yield potential, no restrictions.

    Take advantage of unlimited transactions, check writing, and deposits that keep your funds easily accessible, all while earning interest.

    Must maintain $25,000 minimum balance to avoid $19.00 monthly fee. Minimum $50.00 to open account.


    *Annual Percentage Yield (APY) adjusts weekly based on 75% of the 13-week T-Bill rate. APY is accurate as of 2/3/2023. Minimum balance of $25,000 is required to avoid a $19.00 monthly service fee. $50.00 minimum deposit required to open account. Fees will reduce earnings. 

  • Senior Select Checking

     Age 55 or older? Enjoy basic checking, but better.

    It's often said that things improve with age, and we think your checking account should be no exception. Our Senior Select Checking account gives you all the benefits of an interest-earning checking account, plus some well -earned perks.

    Helpful extras. None of the fees.

    Senior Select Account holders can utilize additional account features such as:

    • (1) Penalty - Free CD Withdrawal per year*

    • Free checks for life**

    • (1) Standard size safe deposit box***

    • No minimum balance required to avoid service fee

    *One penalty-free CD withdrawal equal to 25% of CD balance per customer per year. Discount is not per account, percentage cannot be split or altered.
    **Free checks are Wallet-Oxford (W-OX) or $5.00 discount on another style of checks.
    ***Free safe deposit box or discount equal to small box rent off of a larger box. Not available at all locations.|

    Not FDIC, NOT NOT NOT Disclosure
    Senior Select is restricted to customers age 55 years or older.

    $50.00 minimum to open account.



  • Money Market Checking

    A savings solution with easy access.

    Need a way to save money, but still need your funds to be available? Summit's Personal Money Market Account helps you save for purchases like home improvements, college expenses, car down payments, and more by providing a tiered variable interest rate on collected daily balances of $2,500.00 or more. Have access to your money when you need it, continue to grow your savings when you don't. 

    $1,000.00 minimum to open account. Subject to $6.25 monthly fee if balance falls below $1,000.00. You may make no more than six preauthorized withdrawals, automatic or telephone transfers, checks, drafts, and debit card and similar transactions from your account per month or statement cycle. A $10.00 fee will be charged for each item over the limit (Teller transactions are not subject to account withdrawal limits).



  Summit Custom Checking Summit Custom Checking w/ Interest Senior Select Checking Summit Elite Checking/ Savings T-Fund Checking Money Market Checking
Minimum to Open $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $1,000.00
Minimum Earn Interest N/A $1,000.00 $.01 N/A $.01 $2,500.00
Minimum Balance Requirement/ Service Fee $500.00
$5.00 fee if balance falls below
$5.00 fee if balance falls below
No Minimum balance requirements No Minimum balance requirements $25,000 / $19.00 fee if balance falls below $1,000 / $6.25 fee if balance falls below
Account Requirements to "Waive" Monthly Service Fee 5 DC POS Transactions OR E-Stmt OR ACH $250 or more per month $1,000 Minimum Balance AND E-Stmts None None None None
Withdrawal Restrictions None None None None None $10.00 fee will be charged for each item over the limit (Teller transactions are not subject to account withdrawal limits).
Account Restrictions N/A N/A Must be 55 or over to open account Must have Summit Elite Savings N/A N/A
When is Interest Compounded N/A Monthly Monthly N/A Monthly Monthly
Interest Calculation N/A Calculated on Collected Daily Balance Calculated on Collected Daily Balance N/A Calculated on Collected Daily Balance Calculated on Collected Daily Balance

 Please contact us to obtain complete disclosures of all fees related to these accounts.